The Power Of Gratitude

The power of gratitude is that it is a tremendous boost to happiness and well-being.

This infographic from Mindvalley shows just how powerful the celebration of gratitude can be.

There are six ways for you to express gratitude in the infographic below:

  1. Keeping a gratitude journal
  2. Thinking about 5 things every morning that you are grateful for
  3. Sending notes of appreciation to a friend or loved one
  4. Reflecting on your previous day’s celebrations while in the shower
  5. Utilizing the meditation practice know as naikan
  6. Sending an appreciative email to a co-worker

In case you don’t know, naikan is a Japanese word meaning introspection or inside looking. The practice  involves contemplating these questions about someone you know:

  • What have I received from this person?
  • What have I given to the person?
  • What troubles and difficulties have I caused this person?

Which of the 6 ways to express the power of gratitude do you relate to the most? Which one or ones to you actually practice? Which one is the most difficult? Please share.


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