The Sound of the Bell in Plum Village

This video presents the sound of the bell in Plum Village, the home of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. The images of the trees in the forest of Whittle Dene in Northumberland complement the sound of the bell.

In Plum Village, the bell is invited many times during the day. It is invited to awaken the fourfold community of monks, nuns, lay men and lay women to the morning period of meditation. It is invited to bring the fourfold community to breakfast. The bell of mindfulness is invited many times during the day to bring members of the fourfold community back to their true homes, for there is no present like the time.

The sound of the bell in Plum Village is heard when it is time to begin the work period and other meals. It is invited to sound when it is time for the daily mindfulness dharma talk.

It truly is a remarkable experience to be in Plum Village and listen to the sound of the bell.

There are other bells of mindfulness that sound during your day too. Do you awaken to an alarm clock? If you do, listen to the sound of the bell before you turn it off and give it a chance to penetrate into your being before you get out of bed.

Do you get phone calls during the day? If you do, try bringing your awareness back to yourself and listen to two or three rings of the bell before you answer it. Take a couple of deep breaths and be present when you answer the phone.

Are you ever stuck at a red light? Why not use that as a bell of mindfulness also? Simply take a few breaths while you wait for it to turn green.

There are many other common sounds of the bell that you can choose to witness and be present for. How will you respond to these?

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