Enneagram Point 4 – The Tragic Romantic

To celebrate the redesign of the Enneagram Instrument website, we are offering this excerpt of Point Four on the enneagram.

Habits of Heart and Mind of the Tragic Romantic

Point 4 - The Tragic RomanticWhile point Three on the Enneagram represents performance, achievement, the fruits of accomplishment, and the lack of experience of feelings, point Four represents intensity of feelings almost to the exclusion of everything else. Four’s long for what is missing and are bothered by people who don’t think they are special. I find Fours to be one of my favorite points on the Enneagram. I am fascinated by their ability to experience “the blues” and carry on as if nothing were bothering them. Of course, this goes on underneath, and many Fours can appear to be highly depressed.

The basic proposition for a four is to recover the loss of original and ideal love through their endless searching and longing for what is missing, special, and unique. What’s interesting about this point is that many artists and creative types realize a lot of their creativity from this kind of energy expression.

The Four’s attention goes to what is missing and unavailable that is thought of as special, like the absent lover thousands of miles away, or the next opening night of their new play (which may never get written). They tend to notice what is negative about what is here and now and what is positive about what is distant and gone or yet to come. [Read More…]

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Did you find that you have the characteristics of a tragic romantic? What personality type do you have? We’d like to hear from you.

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