This Abundant World

A lot of people are caught in the feeling of scarcity. They don’t realize they live in a world of abundance.

Scarcity is an obstacle to understanding this abundant world.

My teacher, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, is always telling us that we all have everything we need to be happy now in the present moment.

He teaches that the miracle is that we walk on earth! Who needs to walk on water or thin air?

By living happily in the present moment, we can enjoy the wonders of life. We can enjoy the sun, the rain, the cloud, the flower, the tree, and the look on the face of our child. Our life is a blessing.

In this video, another one by Kelly Howell, she offers a meditation to create abundance. She talks about three obstacles, the first of which is scarcity.

One of the meditation practices that we teach in the Mindfulness in Healing class is the expression of gratitude. Gratitude for what we have is an antidote to scarcity. It provides the springboard for abundance.

Did you watch and listen to the whole video?  What are the other obstacles to abundance?

Please share this video with your friends and write the other two obstacles in the comments below.

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