Piers Morgan interviews the Dalai Lama

[Update: Click for a report from CNN, about/from the Dalai Lama’s interview on “Piers Morgan,” which we shared a bit about here in the following. We have also included three video clips from the interview below.]

Last night on CNN at 9 pm EST, Larry King successor Piers Morgan interviewed the man he calls “the most famous person I’ve ever interviewed” — His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In the below clips, His Holiness talks about “impressive people” he’s met, including Nelson Mandela and George W. Bush, plus his thoughts on worldly temptation, and the Arab Spring.

Click through here for more video from the interview.

For much more from and about the Dalai Lama, visit the Shambhala Sun’s Dalai Lama Spotlight page.

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