3 Tips To Live More Mindfully

These 3 tips to live more mindfully came from Theo Koffler, found of Mindfulness without Borders. One of her ongoing projects is to bring social and emotional intelligence to the struggling teenagers in Rwanda and Uganda. From what I’ve heard, these programs are quite successful and help bring peace to the troubled areas.

Tuza PracticeWe’ve gotten used to multitasking, staying busy, constant stress, living life on automatic – while compromising our energy and happiness for life. Breaking these habits just takes focus. No matter your age or profession, make up your mind to distress and take better care of yourself.  Setting the intention to unplug and connect for a little self-care can make a big difference to your health and in turn, positively impact your happiness.

3 tips to live more mindfully

  • Exercise: Take 20-minute morning walks to energize your mind, improve muscular strength, and create greater mental sharpness.
  • Slow Down: Pay more attention to what you are doing in the moment to give yourself and your brain enough time to connect more authentically to the people, places and experiences that surround you.
  • Breathe: Take a deep breath in and out to consider your options – especially when you feel reactive or you are obsessing over something! Get started with our simple three-minute breathing practice called TUZA!

Tuza means to slow down and chill in one of the local dialects in Kigali Rwanda.. The practice of Tuza is a three minute period of mindfulness of breathing. The intent of this core mindfulness practice is to help bring awareness back to the breath and anchor one’s attention in the present moment.

To practice Tuza, simply take a comfortable erect position and place you hands on the thighs. Close your eyes or bring your focus to a spot on the floor just beyond your nose. Just sit and watch you in breath and out breath for only three minutes.

What did you experience when you practiced Tuza? Please share.

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