Here are 8 things you can do today to feel the happy, light energy you want:

You can’t beat the crap out of yourself into a happy relationship with your body…
…and you can’t think your way into more energy and vitality.

Here are 8 things you can do today to feel the happy, light energy you want:

  1. get up and stretch, while you listen to a Tina Turner song (try this one)
  2. take a 15-minute “sanity” break from work and go walk outside
  3. go outside and stand in the sun or wind, eyes closed, and just feel connected to nature
  4. go to a toy store, get a frisbee, call a friend, and go play
  5. go to a more “adult” toy store like Babeland + get something new to wake up your pleasure + joy
  6. put on a special, colorful outfit, grab a friend and go to a walking mall or downtown area, and go for a sunset stroll with an unsweetened iced tea (recipes here)
  7. watch this video of cats and printers (laughter is a boost!)
  8. Add more greens to your diet – easily…(get $10 off my Clean Green Boost – coupon code: Clean10   )

The fun actions above will boost your body’s energy + Vitamin Fun, because you’ll
actively be having fun, which is always energizing!

We know that moving more and laughing more help us feel better (and by the way, reduce inflammation)…so do steps 1-7 above.

AND we know that eating more greens helps us feel better…
so do Step 8 and get your greens by Friday at 6pm ET.

The best way I know I can feel good in my body + keep my energy up nutritionally is to make sure I get greens in at least twice a day. I like this product (heck – I even put my face on it!) because it’s organic, and flavored with peppermint and stevia. Mix into water, sip, done.

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