A Buddha in Sitges

You read it right. There is a Buddha in Sitges, Spain! It was sitting in a window in a shop on the narrow street leading to the beach.

I couldn’t resist taking the picture.

This picture records a moment in time, according to David Butow. For me, it was a wonderful moment.

For most of my trip to Spain last month, the only Buddhas I saw were

On Transience | October 6, 2014

The photograph reflects a moment that is happening out in the world, and also one that is happening in the minds of the photographer and the viewer. The fact that the moment is fleeting and will never get repeated adds to its appeal. A photograph acknowledges this transience. The best ones attach meaning to it.

– David Butow, “Seeing Buddha: A Photographic Journey”
A Buddha in Sitges

A Buddha in Sitges by Jerome Freedman, © 2014

I have many photographs from my wonderful gastronomic tour of the Catalan region of Spain. Each one captures a moment in time and triggers beautiful memories. Just to give you an example, look at this panoramic of a beach on the island of Menorca:


The wonderful time I had there with my wife and daughter cannot be totally captured, even in a photograph as beautiful as this.

As the transience that each photograph represents, even the vacation was impermanent. It lasted 19 days, and they are all in the past. The only thing left are the traces in my memory and the memories of those we met on the trip.

Do you have any wonderful moments to share? Please upload your photographs and enter your comments.

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