Awake in the World

Here is a quick announcement about the Awake in the World live event beginning tonight. This free online event is presented by Shambhala Mountain Online.

Watch this video to learn about the overall structure and flow of the event, so that you can plan accordingly and be thoroughly engaged. We’ve recorded a 6 minute video that we feel offers a nice overview and introduction.

At the heart of Awake in the World is a series of “just you and me” exchanges between social visionaries, thought leaders and wisdom holders. They’re in their homes and workplaces discussing their life’s work, their tools and techniques for living a meaningful life, and offering guided meditations and contemplations to help involve everyone in creating a more mindful, compassionate world.

They’re also addressing the most difficult aspects of bringing practice and wisdom into everyday life. We surveyed a portion of our viewership and then asked presenters to speak directly to the concerns you expressed. Things like integrating the wisdom of mindfulness practices and yoga into your everyday life, handling stress, finding ways to support and promote your own practice, finding time in our fast paced lives, and establishing a consistent routine.

There is also a wealth of knowledge on maintaining healthy relationships, cultivating compassion, practicing skillful communication, bringing mindfulness to the workplace, and developing the qualities of an authentic leader. Plus you’ll get insights into the lives and minds of individuals who have mastered their practices and become inspirational change agents and leaders in compassionate service. [Read More…]

I signed up for the Awake in the World live event the moment I was notified about it. I hope you will do the same.


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