Boost Your Self Confidence While You Relax

This video will help you boost your self confidence while you relax and visualize a peaceful beach scene. This video is brought to you by the Honest Guys, Sian Lloyd-Pennell, Rick Clarke, and their producer, Kevin.

You are guided into a deep relaxing state in a tropical beach paradise. The beach is lined with palm trees. The blue sky above is alive with scattered white clouds drifting across the sky.

Then you are reminded that we came there to boost your self confidence while you relax. You learn that

Self confidence comes from being able to feel comfortable with yourself and appreciating yourself for who you are, regardless and flaws you may perceive.

Right now, in this amazing place that you have created inside your imagination, give yourself permission to practice enjoying the feelings of being comfortable with yourself. Enjoy the positive sense of appreciating and accepting who you are.

Each time you experience these positive feelings and allow your mind to feel comfortable with yourself, you are strengthening your ability to have more of these same feelings.

Be comfortable with yourself. Understand that you are amazing. Allow yourself to have these positive thoughts about yourself.

Now take a comfortable position sitting upright on a cushion or hard back chair, or lying down, whichever is comfortable for you. Be sure you will not be disturbed for 17 minutes while you listen to and watch the recording. It is best to use head phones or ear buds, if you have them available.


In addition to this deep relaxation and visualization, meditation practices can also boost your self confidence.

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