Brand New trial plan from Christie Marie’s Unlimited Abundance

Quick update.

Christie Marie SheldonChristie’s post-Masterclass sale on the Unlimited Abundance Program ended last Wednesday.

BUT… due to numerous requests from fans…

She’s re-opening it with an incredible new trial plan that’ll be available for next 3 days.

See the full details here >>>

This is a special trial plan where you get to try a portion of the whole program for a no-brainer price.

You’ll LOVE this new plan.

Remember, Christie usually charges anywhere from $97 to $197 for specialized energy clearing on Abundance Blocks. But with this NEW plan you’re getting it for less than $5 per hour of clearing.

Yes, it’s THAT low.

Christie’s doing this just so more people can experience how these clearing actually bring down your Abundance Blocks and see how that leads them to manifesting more wealth FAST.

Even though the price looks so low, you’re getting the best reviewed product… that created an insane number of success stories so far.

Go here to get in on the Unlimited Abundance Trial program >>>

Plus remember, if you continue to keep the program past your trial, you’re covered by the 90-days money-back guarantee. 🙂


P.S.Christie just shared some of the feedback she got from her students and they are nothing less than phenomenal.

“After I ran into the Unlimited Abundance program with Christie! Divine timing! In a little over two weeks, I have already manifested:
… a fabulous art show 2 months early with retail and art class possibilities unlimited!
… over $500 in new sales!
… asked to do new commission artwork!
… was called out of the blue to teach an art class with unlimited possibilities!
… approached for logo design project from engineer firm!
… have new retail location for work!
… $100 on lotto ticket!
… saved $180 in monthly bills!
… And more! My husband has noticed a huge shift in my energy and is excited watching us walk into unlimited abundance!!
Sending huge amounts of love and light.”

~Holly Stafford,

“The very next day I received an unexpected $4000”
I have had a consistently good income for many years, but I could never get past a certain number. And I couldn’t visualize myself getting more money or getting the life I really wanted. I just kept seeing the same thing I have today. The first thing that happened was I attended the free session for Unlimited Abundance, and the very next day I received an unexpected $4000. WOW! If that didn’t convince me to take the entire program, nothing would have. So I signed up immediately. I have since created a vision board and CAN see my future life. I have come up with three different ideas for improving my income that fit in with the lifestyle I want to have. And the funny thing is, they were sitting in my lap but I had never “seen” them before. Now I am working to make them happen.

~Marie Benesh

“I have been following along with your Unlimited Abundance course at home almost every day. I’m not as indecisive at making decisions, and feel more confident with myself. I feel more up lifted and supported. When I heard your online program, I knew I needed this course, and it has been the best thing ever for me. Everyday I look forward to breaking up more blocks, that’s stopping me from living my dream life. I’m an Cardboard Artist. I design beautiful shelves, then I mosaic ,paint, put leather on them. In the first week of taking the course I sold shelves 1 for 1400.00 and 1 for 350.00. I love high vibes everyday! Thank you so much Christie, you’ve become a friend of mine!”

~Patricia Engebretson,
Edmonton, Alberta

>>>You can try this course for an incredibly low price here

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