Buddha Gate Monastery

Last Saturday, my wife and I visited the Buddha Gate Monastery in Lafayette, California. The monastery is on 17 acres of beautiful land in what is know as the East Bay of San Francisco. [Read More…]

The monastery is supported by the Chan tradition of Grand Master Venerable Wei Chueh who organized many monasteries in Taiwan as well as Seattle, Washington and other parts of the world.

Chan in China was the forefather of Zen. The original Zen masters for Japan couldn’t pronounced “chan” as “zen.” The patriarch, Lin Chi (or Linji 0r Rinzai) was the founder of chan and therefore of zen. My own teacher, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh has talked about his zen tradition as having its roots in Lin Chi.

The docent at the monastery as well as all of the nuns we met were pleasant, kind, and very knowledgeable. We were invited to walk around the grounds, visit the meditation hall, and even eat lunch with the practitioners.

We had a beautiful day and want to share some of the beautiful statues we photographed there.

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