Ceremony and Ritual Creates Mindfulness

In this video from Super Soul Sunday, Oprah Winfrey interviews Mariel Hemingway and her soul mate, Bobby Williams. They are discussing their new book, Running with Nature: Stepping Into the Life You Were Meant to Live.

Mariel, says, “I think ceremony and ritual creates mindfulness.” I’m all in favor of anything that creates mindfulness!

She goes on to say, “A daily ritual is a way of saying, ‘I’m voting for myself; I’m taking care of myself. I love myself.’” Oprah really loves this idea and so do I.

Oprah wants this interview to result in things that you can do for your spiritual practice. It involves have a morning ritual as well as two more things to do every night that can prepare you for having a wonder day the next day.

My morning ritual is morning meditation for a minimum of 30 minutes and as much as two hours. This usually includes sending out loving kindness blessings to myself, my family, and the people I know who are suffering from one thing or another.

My evening ritual is to tune into my body before going to sleep and finding a minimum of three things in the preceding day that I am grateful for. I often repeat the loving kindness blessings of the morning and add people who I learned are suffering during the day.

Do you have any daily rituals? When you wake up in the morning do you immediately start rushing through your day or do you take the time to nurture and spoil yourself somehow, even if it’s just for 5 or 10 minutes?

Running with Nature: Stepping Into the Life You Were Meant to Live

Mariel Hemingway
Bobby Williams

When there is a will to experience each moment of life more fully with vibrancy and vitality, there is a way. It’s Running with Nature. It’s about reconnecting to nature one broad-minded step at a time to discover a more fulfilling life of simplicity, adventure, stillness, and laughter. In Running w… [Read More…]

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