Challenges are Clues

Challenges are clues that there is some suffering in our lives that we are not addressing properly. It may relate to our health, or wealth, or our general well-being.

The way around them is to look deeply into our hearts and recognize the challenges for what they are. This way, we can apply our mindfulness to explore the causes and conditions of the challenges and perhaps find a solution. Or, we can simply live with these uncertainties without letting them destroy or equanimity.

The spiritual teacher, Rasha, tells us

Rasha“These challenges are clues. They have been placed in your path, strategically… so you would not be able to continue to ignore the experiential evidence that has been nudging you a lifetime. Choose carefully how to respond to these signals. And recognize them for the gift they truly are.

There is no limitation whatsoever in the structure of your fundamental essence. And you can, in fact, be anything you choose to be. The key to transcending conditions in which you perceive the evidence of limitation… is to dwell utterly and completely in a perception of how you would like it to be.”

-Rasha from Oneness

What I like about this approach is that it recognizes the insight of interbeing or the oneness of all there is and the divinity that we all share. We understand that we are not alone in our challenges and how we face them.

What is your suffering and how will you reduce it? What is your happiness and how will you enhance it?

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