Change Your Frequency – Change Your Reality

Here’s a video that teaches you that if you change your frequency you change your reality.

It is offered by the world-famous healer and energetic coach Christie Marie Sheldon

… where she talks about how to make lasting positive change that can affect your reality for good.

The key she says is, “Shifting Your Vibration.” Once you shift your vibration, your body will gain the ability to naturally to heal faster.

It’s a mind-blowing idea.

And apply it in your life immediately.

Because, if you could let her concepts work on your mind for one evening, I guarantee that your friends and family will gasp in astonishment at the “air of change” you’ll be spotting the very next morning.

“Let’s say you are a female,” Christie says, “and if you have a judgement of what a female is supposed to be in the society, then that judgement could actually limit that which you pull into your reality.”

She goes on to say that, often, just by discarding that judgement, you can change your frequency –  change your reality and vibration. You will heal yourself faster and effortlessly.

And that can change a whole lot of things in your reality… be it the amount of love you receive, how you’re getting ahead in your career or just the type of lifestyle you have…

Christie’s talk is not all theory though. She walks you through the exact same process she uses with her 20,000+ clients — many of whom are top business leaders and celebrities including a Nobel Prize winner — that can easily shift your vibrations for good.

So, if you feel something is holding you back from the abundant life you want, give this video a watch! 🙂

What was your experience of the ability to change your frequency and change your reality? Please comment.

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