Connecting With Your Inner Advisor

My friend, Dr. Marty Rossman, in addition to being a medical doctor, author, and acupuncturist, is the founder of what is now called interactive guided imagery. It is the granddaddy of creative visualization! He as trained more than a thousand people how to use guided imagery in a therapeutic environment.

One of his most famous guided imagery processes is connecting with your inner advisor. He asks you to allow an image to from of a wise person who can help you with whatever problem you are currently working on or trying to solve.

Napoleon Hill, in his famous book, Think and Grow Rich, calls this visualization technique, “The Invisible Counselors Technique.”

Hill was reticent to publish this technique, primarily because he believed it was the most powerful technique, and because it was ridiculed and very controversial. It is wonderful for getting ideas, skills, and inspiration. He said, “The meetings with my invisible counselors may be purely fictional and exist only in my imagination. They have led me down a glorious path of adventure, rekindled my appreciation of true greatness, encouraged many creative endeavors, and emboldened the expression of honest thought.”

The steps to use in connecting with your inner advisor are:

  1. Just before going to sleep at night or during meditation close your eyes and visualize a group of people seated with you around the council table.
  2. Be sure to have a definitive purpose for holding these council meetings. Your definitive purpose can be anything you’re looking to change or improve in your life or even just something you’re looking for advice on since all this happens in your mind your imagination is the only limit.
  3. Call on the council members for any wisdom knowledge and guidance you wish to receive. You can do this by asking each counselor any question you’d like then keep an open mind and be ready to receive advice and answers in a number of unique ways.

What happened when you tried connecting with your inner advisor? Was it a famous person or just someone you know? Was it someone you couldn’t easily identify? Please share.

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