A Day With Anna Halprin

I had a very special day on Labor Day last Monday. I spent almost the entire day with Anna Halprin. In the morning, I picked her up at her Kentfield studio and took her to a restaurant for breakfast. We talked extensively about her summer and also about my book, Healing with the Seven Principles of Mindfulness – How to Thrive and Succeed in a Complex Cancer System. After breakfast, I took her home and invited her to join my wife and our friends at the Club at Harbor Point for the afternoon barbecue.

The Club at Harbor Point

I picked her up again an hour later to drive her to Harbor Point, where we had another meal together with my wife and five other friends including an 8 year old child, Zoe. After lunch, we all headed up to Barbara and Phil’s apartment across the street. On the way, we passed Anna’s friends’ house, Suki and Russ. Both of them had attended my dharma talk at the club on August 20. Anna opened the door and went in to be greeted by Russ and Suki came out a few minutes later. I left her there while we went up to Barbara and Phil’s for desert.

After a while, we left our friends and joined Anna with Suki and Russ and had a lovely time sitting outside on their deck overlooking the club. We drove Anna home and were greeted by her grandson, Micah and his friends. It turns out that Micah and his friends all went to Marin Horizon School, where my girls went from age 2 through eighth grade.

It was a lovely. warm day and I went to bed that night with much gratitude.

How did spend your holiday? Or, are you like one of my friends who doesn’t like these kinds of holidays?

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