Eight Ideas About Mindful Weight Loss

weight loss guided meditation daily. This will calm you body and mind so that you can easily achieve your mindful weight loss goals. I will be your coach and guide.

I have to confess that I have never had an overweight problem ever in my life. Whenever I feel the least bit uncomfortable with my weight, I remind myself of these eight ideas about mindful weight loss and sometimes skip lunch or dinner.

My daily practice consists of early morning meditation, sometimes followed by sound meditations (binaural beats), Arica psychocalisthenics, and a hearty breakfast (homemade granola with chia seeds, berries, chocolate chips, and raw whole or almond milk with tea). I play tennis for an hour and a half at least four times a week. I also teach Mindfulness in Healing on Wednesday nights.

Having the body that you want is a matter of the right mindset, which you can obtain from the weight loss guided meditation and a willingness to change.

Are you ready to lose weight with guided meditation? Let me know how I can help.

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