Finding Lessons in Your Daily Experience


“Don’t look for faults. Look for the lessons
in everything that has happened to you.
Look for the good in the bad, look for the
beautiful in the ugly… Take the best out of
every experience. Allow your challenges
to make you better not bitter.”~ Luminita D.
Saviuc, 15 Things You Should Give Up to
Be Happy

REMINDER: Today’s happiness theme is
on “finding lessons in everything – the
good, and the bad.” Life is full of good
and bad experiences, and all of them are
meant to help us grow. None of these
experiences are happening TO us, they are
happening FOR us.

EXERCISE: Grab a pen and a piece of
paper, and think now of an amazing
experience from your past. When you’re
ready, write down ONE valuable lesson
this experience has taught you.

Now think of another experience, this
time an unpleasant one, and write down
THREE valuable lessons this experience
has taught you.

Take your time thinking about this, and
when you’re ready, take three deep
cleansing breaths, and bring back the
feeling of awe, appreciation and


You have completed the exercise for
the day.

Now go on and look for the lesson in
everything. Look for the meaning. Be
open and receptive to all that life has
to offer you, and by doing so, no
experience will ever be wasted.


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