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Nancy Baker tells us to avoid giving to get.


On Not Being Stingy | September 8, 2014


The One, or Oneness, as we might say in Zen, never tries to turn a profit from anything at all. It wouldnÂ’t even make sense. We, on the other hand, are always trying to turn a profit from every human exchange. We are always trying to get something—admiration, love, recognition, praise, acknowledgment, even just staying connected. Think how we manipulate and bargain and negotiate to turn a profit from every interaction. Much of this is subtle, unconscious habit. Even when we give, or serve, or love, or pay attention, weÂ’re trying to get something. Sometimes itÂ’s just to get back some of what we give.

– Sensei Nancy Mujo Baker, “On Not Being Stingy”

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