Gratitude Exercise


“Be thankful to those who gave you no love.
It is because of them that you have learned
to look for love and approval within
yourself… Be thankful for the many limits
that were imposed on you. It is because of
them you have learned to break free from
all the past conditioning and create your
own reality and your own rules.”
~ Luminita D. Saviuc, 15 Things You
Should Give Up to Be Happy

REMINDER: Today’s happiness theme is
…”gratitude!” When was the last time you
expressed your gratitude for the many
wonderful experiences, people, places and
things life has shared with you?

EXERCISE: Think now of one thing you
truly appreciate from the last 48 hours.

Spend at least 60 seconds thinking about it.

Feel your heart being flooded with gratitude,
love and wonder. And when you’re ready,
take three deep cleansing breaths, and bring
back the feeling of gratitude and


You have completed the exercise for the day.

Now go on and spend this day in gratitude.

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