Gratitude Is A Meditation Practice

Our students at Mindfulness in Healing, are often assigned a task to write down something that they are grateful for each day. In this way, they learn that gratitude is a meditation practice.

Gratitude, along with generosity, patience, and other qualities are natural developments from regular meditation practices.

Gratitude is a feeling of thanksgiving for something someone has done for you. It can also reflect your appreciation for a gift that someone has given you.

Spiritual gratitude takes this feeling one step further. You feel grateful to be alive on this planet in this century.

Of all the times and places in the universe, we are blessed with a planet that supports life as we know it.

We have beautiful trees, flowers, and animals to appreciate.

We have everything we need to be happy in the present moment.

We have clear streams of water to drink. We have shelter from the elements, and good food to eat.

We can celebrate life with our families and friends.

Gratitude Is A Meditation Practice

We can all learn to do the Gratitude Dance!

So what are you grateful for?

Please share what you are grateful for in your comments below!

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