Happiness is Here and Now

Happiness is Here and Now

Happiness is Here and Now | Photos and text courtesy of Bhikkhu Samahita, Buddha-Direct

Happiness is Here and Now
I have dropped my worries.
Nothing to do. Nowhere to go.
There’s no need for hurry.

Happiness is here and now.
I have dropped my worries.
Something to do. Somewhere to go.
But, there’s no need for hurry.

This little verse is chanted by followers of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh at every opportunity! You’d be surprised to learn how happy his monks and nuns are in his several monasteries.

But what about us lay folks? Where is our happiness to be found?

Happiness is Here and Now

In The Layman’s Way to Happiness by Lily de Silva, Sri Lanka, there is some hope.

Life in the modern age has become particularly trying and problematic. Though it remains a fact that the standard of living has generally improved, man is still suffering immensely under the weight of present-day living. The physical condition of man has been reduced to such a pathetic level that he succumbs to untimely death by killer diseases such as cancer, heart failure, diabetes, etc. to an unprecedented degree. Mentally, he is so tension-ridden that he has forgotten the art of relaxing, and he cannot even enjoy sound sleep without the aid of tranquilizers. In this set up interpersonal relations have become so brittle and vulnerable that the divorce rate has indeed become alarmingly high, thus letting loose a whole series of other social  problems such as uncared-for children, juvenile delinquency, suicide, etc. Thus life has become a problematic burden and a solution to make life more tolerable and enjoyable is a great and pressing need.

While this passage simply describes life in the modern age, the article goes on to describe four types of pleasures that can lead a lay person to discover that happiness is here and now.

The four types of pleasure listed there are:
1: Atthisukha, the pleasure of having material wealth;
2: Bhogasukha, the pleasure of enjoying material wealth;
3: Ananasukha, the pleasure of being debtless; and
4: Anavajjaskha, the pleasure of being blameless.

Naturally, we all wan to have and enjoy material wealth, but we all know that material wealth alone cannot bring happiness. The Dalai Lama has pointed out that even very wealthy families are not satisfied with their wealth alone.

We all need to discover a simple method to recognize that happiness is here and now.

Happiness Is Here and Now

Happiness is Here and Now | Photo courtesy of Bhikkhu Samahita

What Make You Happy?

Do you strive for material wealth? Do you prefer to spend time with people rather than chase that illusive fortune? Can you experience the happiness of children smiling and playing? Do you find joy in being in nature?

Share your greatest happiness below!


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