How to Practice Inclusiveness

Today’s lesson is on how to practice inclusiveness is also from the 21-day Happiness Challenge from Luminita Saviuc, also known as the Purpose Ferry.

Our world today is filled with different groups, religions, races, people with a different sexual orientation, and many other categories that keep us separate.

When we practice inclusiveness, we allow others to be who they are and accept, appreciate and tolerate their points of view.


This little exercise can help you begin to understand inclusiveness:

REMINDER: Today’s happiness theme is about learning to “accept, appreciate, value and practice tolerance towards the diversity that surrounds you.”

EXERCISE: Take a few deep cleansing breaths and think of someone whose opinions, behaviors, race, religion, nationality, etc., might differ from your own.

Now place your hands over your heart, close your eyes, and as you continue breathing deeply and slowly, imagine saying these words to them:

“I now choose to accept you for who you are, without attempting to correct, change or “fix” you.

I will no longer allow our differences to disturb my peace of mind.

I honor, respect and accept who you are and I now give you the freedom to be yourself.

I release you and I set you free.

I set myself free.”

Stay in this space as much as needed, and when you’re ready, take three deep cleansing breaths, and bring back the feeling of ease and liberation.


You have completed the exercise for the day 🙂

What did you experience when you opened your heart to someone who differs from you?

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