How To Stay Healthy And Energized Throughout The Day

Laura Silva is the President of Silva International, producer of the Silva Life System. She wrote this short article on the Silva Life System Blog about how to stay healthy and energized throughout the day and I want to share her thoughts with you.

Laura is an avid marathon runner 🙂

And even with 3 kids and an international business to run, she still runs from time to time!

How does she stay fit? Watch her story:

And no, this is not an exercise video 🙂

Many people find it difficult to believe that Laura Silva would run a marathon every three weeks. Add this on top of running Silva International and being a loving wife and mother, its no secret that she needs to have an endless supply of energy.

For Laura, it is important to stick to a certain routine to maintain her health, and to always have energy to be able to give more.

She shares what her day looks like in the video. It is quite inspiring.

How do you usually start your day? What’s your routine like, and does it work for you?

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