Hummingbird Garden

We arrived in Cuenca on April 24 by train from Valencia. We stayed at the fabulous Parador de Cuenca, an old convent. When we got there, we learned that there was to be a concert in the courtyard at 6:00 PM. We had plenty of time to settle in, have tea and wait for the concert to begin.

Then I noticed that the musicians were setting up Tibetan singing bowls and Amazonian drums. I was electrified with the thought of the combination singing bowls and drums.

Singing bowls have been a modality of my healing process since David Beach brought them to my attention in January. For five months now, I have been using recordings I’ve found on YouTube and other places for some of my morning and afternoon meditation sessions. I’ve even read the book, Sounds of Healing: A Physician Reveals the Therapeutic Power of Sound, Voice, and Music by Dr. Mitchell Gaynor.

And, of course, the drums resonated with me in my encounters with Dr. Michael Harner and the practices of shamans.

Now, take a few moments to enjoy this beautiful video of the artists Angel Albaladejo and Ana Barrios and scenes from Cuenca.

Before the performance, I spoke with the artists. From Ana, I purchased their CD, Hummingbird Garden, and learned that she was from Uruguay. From Angel, I learned of another “concert” that was to take place on Sunday night in Cuenca. More about this later.

Do the combination of Tibetan singing bowls and Amazonian drums speak to you at all? Both are indigenous sounds from their respective countries or regions and they therefore have a certain spiritual ring to them that really excites me. I found the concert to be just the right combination for me after my incidents of PDSD in Valencia.

How did you like the concert? Would you be interested in the CD? Let me know and I’ll ask Ana and Angel for a supply from Cuenca.

Books by Mitchell L. Gaynor

Sounds of Healing: A Physician Reveals the Therapeutic Power of Sound, Voice, and Music

Mitchell L. Gaynor

“My belief is that we can all find the rhythms and harmonics of our celestial music, and that our efforts will enable us to live extraordinary lives filled with peace, passion, health, and a sense of unity with the universe.”

We are all familiar with the tremendous power of sound to energize … [Read More…]

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