In Greed We Trust

Our global economy seems to be rooted in greed. It seems that the United State dollar bill should read, “In Greed We Trust.” There is no more trust in god, a supreme being, the creator of all there is, or our very own buddhanature.

We seem to be consumed by greed. We can begin almost anywhere, say with the food we eat. Now we have to be really careful to not impinge on Monsanto patents when we plant corn, soy, or alfalfa. Monsanto holds the patents to these GMO crops and is extremely litigious in defending their patent. Farmers are being force out of business due to the greed of Big Agriculture.


In Greed We Trust – Courtesy of Bhikkhu Samahita form an email

We don’t have to look further than our corner drugstore to realize that Big Pharma has control of our medicines. Children are required to have certain inoculations, sometimes multiple ones together. The interactions of the drugs have not been tested in clinical trials at all and kids are coming down with autism and other disorders after having the vaccinations.

Big Pharma has permeated the cancer industry as well. Children with cancer must be treated with the accepted surgical procedures, chemotherapy agents, and radiation treatments or be taken away from their parents and become wards of the state. Alternative and integrative treatments are completely off the table.

And what does Big Pharma do with non-gold standard cancer treatments that have been shown to work? The force them the leave the country.

Why does all this happen? We are a culture driven by greed and the almighty dollar. It seems like we deserve any and all consequences of global warming and climate change because we won’t migrate from our pattern of greed.

Another aspect of greed is our enjoyment of momentary sense pleasures. I plead guilt of this as well. We think that there are no consequences to have all the sex, money and power we can accumulate, but this is a false sense of reality. It ignores our interbeing with all that is. It ignores our interconnection with nature and our interdependence on it.

Enough ranting for one day!

What are your thoughts and feelings about Big Agriculture, Big Pharma and sensory pleasures?

What are your thoughts about greed and how do they manifest?

I’d love to hear from you.

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