Lightening Your Load

These word of wisdom today come from Luminita Saviuc – The Purpose Ferry about lightening your load.

We started doing this about a year ago and our project virtually came to a halt when my son and his now wife found their own place to live.

Our garage, closets and storage space are all filled to capacity because we are storing not only our stuff, but much furniture, clothing, and other things of our three children.

I would love to have the energy to weed out a bunch of things.

Our messy garage, Photo Jerome Freedman

Our messy garage, Photo Jerome Freedman

“Clutter is stuck energy. The word “clutter” derives from the Middle English word “clotter,” which means to coagulate – and that’s about as stuck as you can get.” ~ Karen Kingston

REMINDER: Today’s happiness theme is on “lightening your load.” When was the last time you de-cluttered your living, or working environment?

EXERCISE: Think now of TWO things you haven’t used in more than one year, something that has been cluttering your living, or working environment, and give them away.

Throw them out.

No “ifs,” “buts,” or “maybes.”

Just give them away.

Make room in your life for something new, for something better to come along.

Now take three deep cleansing breaths, and bring back the feeling of ease, lightness, and letting go.


You have completed the exercise for the day.

One good thing came out of our cleanup last year: I came across a lot of my notes from the time I spent on retreat with Father Eli in the summers of 1973 and 1974, which I want to report on soon.

What two things you haven’t touched in more than a year are you willing to part with?

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