Love Everything – day 20


REMINDER: Today’s theme is“love everything, cling on to nothing.” Even though we like to hold on to things, to own and possess as much as possible, the truth of the matter is that nothing in life is ours to keep.

Everything in life is fleeting and impermanent. Everything changes, nothing ever stays the same. And when the time will come for us to leave this physical world, we will take nothing with us.

We will leave everything behind us, including our own bodies… Because that’s the nature of life. And since life was here first, it makes perfect sense to adapt, and to learn how to love everything but cling on to nothing.

EXERCISE: Close your eyes, take three deep cleansing breaths, and imagine yourself holding a bunch of strings that are attached to the legs, wings and necks of these fragile and beautifully colored birds. (These strings represent your attachments to the many things, people, places and experiences that are so dear to you.)

As you pull the strings tighter, wanting to make sure that you have all these beautiful birds closer to you at all time, you realize that you are in fact hurting them.

These strings – your attachments, seem to interfere with the love you have for them, taking away the purity and the beauty that love has to offer. Not only that, but they seem to take the life out of these birds, causing them to live in captivity.

The moment you realize this, you immediately cut the strings and set them free. And to your surprise, instead of flying far away from you, the birds come and sit on your shoulder.

You are in awe!

For the first time ever you realize that true love liberates. True love is free from clinging, and free from bondage.

Feel your heart being flooded with gratitude, love and wonder. And when you’re ready, take three deep cleansing breaths, and bring back the feeling of love, liberation and letting go.


You have completed the exercise for the day 🙂

You now know that learning to love isn’t about grasping on to things. It isn’t about clinging to everything and everyone. It’s about learning to let go. Learning to love is learning to let go. Learning to let go is learning to be happy.


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