Loving Kindness Blessings for 2015

These loving kindness blessings for 2015 came to me in an email from a friend. I altered them a bit to fit the spirit of the New Year and Meditation Practices.

Enjoy and pass on!

The Perfection of Diligence

A Lotus for You… A Buddha to Be

May you let go of all thoughts of limitation and stop settling for less than you are worth.

May you put aside all your fears and insecurities and find the courage to take risks and make all your dreams come true.

May you find the courage to lose sight of the shore so that you can discover new oceans.

May you start believing in yourself as much as you want the world to believe in you.

May you pour your love into everything you do and make your life a work of art.

May you learn to smile more and frown less; to trust more and doubt less; to feel more and think less; to listen more and talk less.

May you give yourself permission to stop taking yourself so seriously and enjoy life a little more.

May you give yourself permission to be silly and weird, to laugh when you feel like laughing and to cry when you feel like crying.

May you cleanse your inner vision until you see nothing but light, your own and of those around you.

May you stop chasing love and approval outside of you and start seeking your own love and approval instead.

May you always keep a humble heart and no matter how bad the world will treat you, look at it with eyes of love.

May you learn to treat everyone with love and respect make every person you come in contact with feel that there is something valuable in them.

May you surround yourself with the best kind of people, positive and cheerful spirits, beautiful and loving souls.

lotus 4 u

May you put aside all thoughts of envy and jealousy and look at those who already accomplished many of the things you wish to accomplish with respect and admiration.

May you learn to honor and embrace yourself fully, and love yourself as much as you want others to love you.

May you learn to forgive and let go of all thoughts of anger and resentment, and allow peace, love and tranquility to enter your heart.

May you let go of the past and all the pain that it caused you, allow it to make you better not bitter.

May you find the strength to turn your wounds into wisdom and all your difficulties into opportunities.

May you learn to be grateful for every experience life sends your way.

May you allow your so called mistakes and failures to teach you gratitude, patience, humility and compassion.

May you put all thoughts of blame, judgement and criticism behind you.

May you become a reflection of that which you want to see in the world and make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Which of these blessings  will you adopt for 2015? Who will you share them with? Don’t just let them sit in your inbox!’

A lotus for you, a Buddha to Be!

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