Meditation Is Now Mainstream

In another article, I wrote about how Compassion Research Has Gone Mainstream.

When Kelly McGonigal talked with Jon Kabat-Zinn about The Science Of Yoga And Healing, I mentioned that some doctors and therapists are recommending meditation as a treatment for certain types of depression. In these cases, drugs and therapy are taking secondary positions.

Now there is news from ABC affiliate WLS-TV in Chicago the meditation is now mainstream, as if we didn’t already know this!

In this video, several people speak about how meditation helps. For example, Tiffany Bullard is having a difficult pregnancy and turned to meditation. A picture of her is the featured image for this article.

In the article that accompanies the video, Sylvia Perez states,

She took a class at Northwestern Integrative Medicine, where doctors work meditation into their clinical care to alleviate physical and emotional symptoms.

Its gaining respect in the medical community as more research reveals this practice of calming the mind and focusing isn’t just an exercise in self-indulgence. It can actually bring real changes to the brain.

“The use of meditation is based on hard-nosed science,” said Dr. Melinda Ring, internist, Northwestern Integration Medicine. “It is amazing the capacity of our brain this organ has for change.”

I thought you would like to see this and other videos from the news services.

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