Meditation Lessons We Can Learn From Eagles

I’ve always admired the splendor of the eagles. I love the way they fly high into the sky and can spot the dinner from such great distances.

eagle_launchThey seem to possess a wisdom that we can learn a lot from.

They seem to enjoy lofting in the air and spreading their wings to take advantages of the updrafts.

Janice Marturano wrote in the Huffington Post about meditation lessons we can learn from eagles. Her article was titled, “The Wisdom of Eagles: Mindfulness Lessons for Leadership and Life”

Here are the meditation lessons we can learn from eagles:

Sit, be patient and be open to exploring new heights…

Stretch out fully, find your balance and let it unfold….

Make time to be playful! [more…]

Have you had any experiences with eagles? Do you have any pictures you can share? Please do so!

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