Meditation On The Body, Part 3

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Weight Loss Guided Meditation

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image005Now we are ready for Part 3 in the Meditation on the Body series. This article encompasses stages 5 and 6 and the torso.
It is probably best to review Part 1 and Part 2 before going on to this part.

As before, I recommend doing this lying down on your back with your arms at your side. Sitting up with my back straight has also worked well for me.

Just like in my meditation scripts in Seven Secrets to Stop Interruptions in Meditation, ellipses (…) indicate a pause for the period of an in breath and an out breath or slightly more, perhaps even five minutes. Comments are in brackets ([]) and may also indicate a count of breaths before going on.

The numbers in brackets indicate the stage of the meditation. Recall that there are a total of 10 stages.

This meditation begins where Part 2 left off.

[5] Now bring your attention to the upper part of your body, your chest…

Feel your in breath… feel your out breath…

You might want to take a couple of nice deep breaths at this time…

Bring your attention to your lungs…

Relax your lungs… and say to your lungs, “I am happy and grateful now that my lungs are able to breathe in and out effortlessly…” [Contemplate this for as long as you want…]

Now feel the beating of your heart… By now, it should be beating calmly and with ease…

Just notice how it is beating now… You don’t have to try to change it… Just notice…

Relax and say to your heart, “I am happy and grateful now that my heart is beating normally and I can enjoy the wonders of life…” [Contemplate…]

Now invite your liver to relax… your kidneys… your spleen… your gallbladder… your pancreas… your stomach… and now your diaphragm…

Say to the muscles, nerves, and organs in your upper body, “Relax…”

“Let go…”

“Breathe…’ [Repeat two more times for a total of nine breaths]

[6] Move down now into your abdomen…

Invite the muscles, nerves, and organs in your abdomen to relax and let go…

Say to the abdominal muscles, nerves, and organs, “Relax…”

“Let go…”

“Breathe…” [Repeat two more times for a total of nine breaths]

[To be continued tomorrow…]

This meditation is complete on its own without going through Part 1 and Part 2. You will also benefit greatly if you try the others first.

Did you try this meditation on the upper body and abdomen before or after the meditation on the head and face and the meditations on the neck, shoulders, arms and back? What was it like for you? Please share.

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