Meditation Practices Could Change Everything

Flynn ColemanFlynn Coleman, a yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher says in her recent Huffington Post article that meditation practices could change everything.

Flynn is the founder of Samya Practice, an organization offering seminars, workshops and consulting to businesses, groups and individuals seeking balance and transformation. In addition, she gives back to the local and global community through her foundation.

In her article titled, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness: “Trends” That Could Change Everything, she states,

I believe that we can find ways to improve our own lives that directly benefit the lives of others, from the people in the next cubicle to the people in places that we can’t find on a (non-digital, non-search assisted) map. We can bring more clarity and joy to our own lives and, by doing so, bring joy to others. We can start small, by paying more attention to the present moment. Next, we can get a bit more ambitious, and make mindfulness a part of our educational programs and our daily lives. In short, we can change the world by fostering greater “mindfulness” — attentive awareness that promotes focus, creativity, and compassion — and we can do it at every level: personal, institutional, societal, and global…

She concludes,

Mindfulness is not only “on-trend.” It’s an ancient principle, as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. It can help us grow more attentive, creative, resilient, and successful. In doing so, it can create ripples of awareness and positivity that will reverberate through our communities, our society, and our world. This is why mindfulness is not only cool, but crucial for the future of our society…[Read More…]

I am inspired by her work to bring yoga, meditation and mindfulness to businesses through seminars and personal consultations.

Since yoga, meditation and mindfulness are now mainstream, more and more people will benefit from the practices and meditation practices could change everything.

Please share your feelings thoughts about yoga, mindfulness and meditation in a wider world.

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