Meditation Practices For A Slim Body

Kelly Howell has done it again! She has produced another winning video of one of her audio recordings.

This one takes an unusual approach to weight loss. It deals with meditation practices for a slim body rather than specific dietary or exercise specifics. In addition, she calls upon deep emotions that affect eating and exercise patterns.

The video begins with an explanation of the mindset followed by deep breathing exercises.

Then she invites us to feel the emotions and physical sensations in our body and intensify them. This allows us to witness them draining out of us.

She uses a method of reprogramming our negative emotions around food which is a form of re-framing our experience.

I was able to listen to the whole recording of Slim Naturally this morning.

The relaxation segment took me to a deep place.

Many people can benefit from this method of releasing. Please share with your family and friends.

If you are interested in exploring Kelly Howell’s offerings, please click on the image below.


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