Meditation Practices of Zen Forest Monks in China

I am so excited by this video about the meditation practices of zen forest monks in China. Their tradition dates back perhaps 5000 years!

In an early part of the video, the master and disciple are working together in the garden. The disciple asks the master to sit for a moment and give a teaching.

The master keeps working and gives the teaching:

Quiescence and action you can’t separate
Don’t distinguish these – there is no difference
Put your heart into it
Work with one mind
With one mind, all of this is done in no time
Isn’t that right?
All of this is the practice
It’s not just sitting quietly somewhere
All of this is balanced and tranquil
Even work is very calm
Don’t think this or that
When you work, just work


There are many more gems from the award winning film: “Amongst White Clouds” by Edward A. Burger about Zen Buddhist hermit monks living in remote hermitages in China’s Zhongnan Mountains.

You can enjoy this film even if you know nothing about Zen!

Much gratitude to Bhikkhu Samahita for bringing this video to my attention.

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