Meditation Reduces Anxiety And Loneliness

In an article by Judy Royal on the StarNews Online, the author tells how meditation reduces anxiety and loneliness.

Cosmic BuddhaHer article,  titled, “Meditation helps you to set aside anxiety, battle loneliness,” is based on research on people between the ages of 55 and 85 at UCLA.

Proponents of meditation say the practice of setting aside quiet, undistracted time to unwind and unplug on a daily basis can do exactly that and more, including helping to battle loneliness and gene inflammation, both of which can trigger many diseases…[More]

The first task, she says, is to set up your meditation environment so you feel comfortable and have things around you that inspire you.

Some people have specially designed environments that they construct with object of spiritual significance.

She also says not to expect miracles:

After your space is ready, don’t expect to become an expert at meditation right away, especially if you’re a beginner. Many people have trouble clearing their mind for long periods and should therefore start with five minutes and increase as they become more comfortable with the practice…

The recommended practice is to “Just listen to your breathing.”

You may find my YouTube video a great help in learning how to be mindful of your breathing.

Do you need help beginning a daily meditation practice? If so, please feel free to write your questions below and I promise to help you get started.

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