Mind Stories Helped Cure Cancer

I am re-releasing this article to complement two articles from earlier this week. The first was A Cancer Cure – Gerson Therapy and the second was Suppressed Cancer Cures.

Neither of these articles nor the videos in them mentioned much about meditation, visualization, or mind stories. I think it is important to include these kinds of guided meditations in every kind of healing experience. See below for a special offer.

Mind stories are guided imagery and meditation practices geared to a young child. A child is asked to lie down or sit in a comfortable position so he can listen to the guide and follow the instructions.

You will be surprised to know how easily children can follow this. They love to use their imagination in all kinds of ways and this one can be extremely constructive in desperate times.

Dr. Sheldon Ruderman came up with this name during the period that mind stories helped cure cancer when Micah was seven years old in 1976. He was stricken with stage four kidney cancer and metastatic  lung cancer. Practically no one in the medical field thought he would survive.

His story was told on two episodes of In Search Of… that was popular in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. The series was narrated by Leonard Nemoy and features Dr. Charles Garfield, a psychiatrist who did research at the University of California Cancer Research Institute.

Mind Stories Helped Cure Cancer

The first part of the video is mostly about Dr. Sheldon Ruderman, and we learn how mind stories helped cure cancer by reinforcing medical practice. Then Leonard Nemoy (Dr. Spock) says

Is the power of the mind so great that it can cure cancer?  …the power of the mind can reinforce medical treatment.

Thank you for watching. Micah is now in wonderful health and living in New York.


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Micah - age 7

Micah – age 7

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