How Mindfulness Breaks™ Supported?

You now may be wondering how Mindfulness Breaks™ are supported. Well, I have good news for you!

Mindfulness Breaks offers six different ways you can get support before, during and after you sign up for a Mindfulness Break in your home or workplace. While these are not listed in a specific order, you’ll discover one or more of these will help you to make the most of your session(s).

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  1. Email: You can use the contact form from the top menu to ask a question by email. You’ll usually get an answer within 24 hours.
  2. Facebook: Once you have signed up for a Mindfulness Break, you will be invited to join a private Facebook group for interfacing with  me and other clients. There you can ask questions and comment on what people say about their Mindfulness Break experience.
  3. Mindfulness In Healing: I founded the Mindfulness In Healing meditation group in the summer of 2009. You are welcome to drop in any time. We meet on Wednesday evenings from 7:00PM to 8:30PM at the Pine Street Clinic, 124 Pine Street, San Anselmo, CA. You will receive a link to the Mindfulness in Healing flyer when you sign up for a Mindfulness Break.
  4. Monthly Q&A: After you have been practicing your Mindfulness Break for a while, you will be invited to attend live Q&A conference calls where you can ask questions, share your experience, and get the most value for your efforts.
  5. Mindfulness Breaks Book: Before the book comes out, you will be offered a chance to review a draft in PDF format so that you can provide feedback. If you are one of the first ten people to sign up for a Mindfulness Break, you’ll get a paper copy for free.
  6. Meditation Practices: Once you sign up, you will find articles, teachings and videos about mindfulness practices arriving in your email with links to over 1300 blog posts to enhance your Mindfulness Breaks.

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