Mindfulness Practices Help Incarcerated Teens

This short video demonstrates how mindfulness practices help incarcerated teens.

These kids stated that if they had known about the mindfulness practices, they may not have ended up in a Brooklyn detention center.

This news from the Plum Village website, came with the comment:

Some of New York City’s angriest teens are learning the way to a more peaceful path with a little help from the Buddha.

NBC New York recently was given access to the Crossroads Juvenile Detention Center in Brownsville, where there was a stark contrast between the kids in their orange detention suits and the monks in their brown robes.

The group of monastics filed into the facility, and they were unlike anything these kids had seen in their neighborhood.

The Alliance For Change is an organization helping incarcerated prisoners in San Quentin. Their programs help prisoners about to be released to adjust to life on the outside. Soon, they will add Mindfulness in Healing to the training and I will teach it!

A couple of friends of mine are already leading a group of prisoners in mindfulness practices.

Do you know of other incarcerated teens being helped by mindfulness practices? Do you know anyone inside that would benefit from mindfulness practices?

Please comment below and share your information so these people can get the help they need.

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