No Complaints – day 18


“People who never achieve happiness are the ones who complain whenever they’re awake, and whenever they’re asleep, they are thinking about what to complain about tomorrow.” ~ Adam Zimbler

We’re 3 days away from the end of our challenge.

REMINDER: Today’s happiness theme is an experiment in practicing a “complaint- free day.” Complaining is a waste of time and energy. It does no good. Not to you and not to those around you. And the less time you spend complaining, the more time you will have left to enjoy yourself and your life

. EXERCISE: Go find a rubber band and place it on your wrist. Make sure it’s not too tight, you don’t want to hurt yourself.

Wear this on your wrist the whole day, and whenever you catch yourself complaining, snap the rubber band against your wrist two times by saying the following words:

“I am better than this.”


“I choose peace over this.”

This will make you aware of how often you complain, and it will help you let go of this unhealthy behavior 🙂

And that’s all you have to do. This is your exercise for the day 🙂

Now go on and enjoy your “complaint-free day.”


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