Pharrell Williams Is Happy

I love this video. Pharrell Williams is Happy! Everyone is happy. People are jumping up and down with joy and  happiness. We all should be doing so.

Why, you may ask? Because life exists only the present moment and we have everything we need to be happy.

Just look around you. We are the gift of the whole universe – the earth, the sky, and many generations. We are in the Earth and the Earth is in us.

Every gram of our bodies is made up from Mother Earth, which, in turn, is made up of star dust from the supernovae that exploded in this region of the Milky Way Galaxy 4.6 billion years ago.

Every tree, every flower, every fish, every insect, every animal, and all life forms are made of the Earth. When we walk in nature in mindfulness, we feel, see, and smell the wonders of  life. This is all we need to be happy.

Of course, if you listen the teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, you hear that happiness is made up of non-happiness elements. One of these elements is suffering. Happiness and suffering are interdependent and one cannot be without the other.

This teaches us to embrace our suffering with mindfulness and allow it to transform into joy and happiness. For example, if you are angry, you can say to yourself, “Hello my little anger. I know you are there and I am here for you.”

The other day, I was feeling extremely sad when I woke up. I did not feel well, and I did my morning meditation anyway. During that meditation I was able to embrace my sadness deeply and with compassion. I accepted the sadness for just what it was. I experienced it in the depth of my meditation. When I ended my mindfulness practice, the seeds of my sadness had subsided and I felt much better. I even had the opportunity to play tennis that day.

So happiness and suffering inter-are. If you can accept your suffering just as it is, you can transform it into joy and happiness.

If Pharrell Williams is happy, why aren’t you? What does it take for you to be happy right now, in the present moment? I would love to hear from you.

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