Pope Francis Delivered His Climate Response Encyclical

By the time you read this, the rest of the world will know that Pope Francis delivered his climate response encyclical today. With the Pope getting behind climate justice, we may see a broader movement to stop global warming.

This video is so entertaining that Andrew Butler says, “What’s going on here is nothing short of amazing. It’s probably the best video I’ve ever seen, on any topic, of any length (and yes, that includes Game of Thrones).” It was produced as “Pope Francis: The Encyclical” by Observatório do Clima, which is a consortium of Brazilian climate change action groups.

The trailer is somewhat comical but also somewhat sad. The person playing Pope Francis says, “If we destroy creation, creation will destroy us. It’s time to take out the trash.” The protagonists come back with, “Coal, oil, gas – these are ours for the taking.” The Pope comes back with, “Nature never forgives. If you slap it, it will slap you back.”

Please watch this short film and then describe your reactions in the comments below. What do you think will happen in the world because of Pope Francis’ Encyclical? What parts of it did you admire?

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