Qi Gong Meditation for Weight Loss

Being overweight and having eating disorders are contributors stress.   Qi gong meditation for weight loss can help with this problem.

Lee Holden is a popular qi gong instructor and is appearing on a PBS series on the subject. His series, Exercise to Heal is aired on many stations around the country.

This video is a preview of one of his CD titled, “Qi Gong For Weight Loss (Qi Gong/Yoga For Beginners Series).

Qi Gong Meditation for Weight Loss


Qi Gong Meditation for Weight Loss - Lee Holden

Qi Gong Meditation for Weight Loss - Lee Holden

I’m wondering if Lee Holden knows Master Fong Ha, since he went to the University of California at Berkeley. I have taken some classes with him and his student Izzy.

I have incorporated some of what I learned from Master Fong Ha and Izzy into my morning meditation practices. I have great love and respect for the teachings I’ve received.

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