Quantum Entanglement Is The Source Of Interbeing

This short video shows how quantum entanglement is the source of interbeing.

Quantum entanglement means that two particles are interconnected in such a way that if you do something to one of them, the same thing happens to the other. This is well explained in the video.

Interbeing is a term coined by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh meaning that nothing can exist by itself, alone. Things by their nature are inter-are and are thereby interconnected. [Read More…]

This video comes to you through the courtesy of my dharma buddy, Bhikkhu Samahita in Sri Lanka. He writes,

Any change, physical as mental, induces non-local compensatory changes in the entire universe instantaneously, due to entanglement of all quanta of energy since the big bang! This is the physical reason for the karmic law: Doing good induces future pleasure, while doing evil begets induces future pain. That is: Local cause entails non-local (both in time and space) kammic effect!

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