Rave Diet Eating

Rave Diet Eating is the title of the video embedded below. You’ll learn how health problems are largely caused by eating habits and that a plant based diet may be the way to heal.

Dr. Joseph Crow at the Cleveland Clinic suffered from heart disease. His colleague, Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D. told him about a plant based diet and Dr. Crow was healed.

A plant based diet prevents stroke, heart attack, obesity, hypertension, adult onset diabetes, common cancers in the West – breast, prostate, colon, and other diseases. Charlotte Gerson spoke about additional benefits of a plant based diet for curing diabetes.

Brenda Cobb from the Living Foods institute recommends a plant based diet for diabetes.

Thomas Lodi of An Oasis of Healing says that diabetes can be cured 5-7 days.

The problem with the medical profession is that they haven’t been trained nutrition, much less in plant based nutrition. It is still rather unknown with family physicians.

Did you know that we grow more food for animals than for people? Did you know that 80% of the corn, 80% of the grain, and 95% oats grown in the United States is for animals to eat? This additionally, cause extreme amounts of pollution. A full 87% of agricultural land is for animals we eat.

The video shows how to live a healthier, longer life by overcoming our bad eating habits. This is our way to help transform world we live in.

After watching the video, does a the rave diet of plant foods make sense to you? Please share.

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