Real Meditation

These words of wisdom about real meditation come from one of the world’s most beloved spiritual teachers – Jiddu Krishnamurti.

As a world teacher, he revolutionized the whole subject of real meditation for tens of thousands of people, including me.

His words of wisdom have appeared many times in these pages.

Natural Meditation

Real meditation is the highest form of intelligence. It is not a matter of sitting cross-legged in a corner with your eyes shut or standing on your head or whatever it is you do. To meditate is to be completely aware as you are walking, as you are riding in the bus, as you are working in your office or in your kitchen—completely aware of the words you use, the gestures you make, the manner of your talk, the way you eat, and how you push people around. To be choicelessly aware of everything about you and within yourself, is meditation. If you are thus aware of the political and religious propaganda that goes on ceaselessly, aware of the many influences about you, you will see how quickly you understand and are free of every influence as you come into contact with it.
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti teaches that real meditation is essentially choice-less awareness of what is going on right now in the present moment just as it is.

You can enter a state of meditation simply by becoming aware of what is happening and what you are doing right now.

There is no need to sit in an uncomfortable position or strange posture to be in meditation.

What is your interpretation of pure meditation and how do you enter it?

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