Revelations in the House of God

A poem by Nolan Brian Ellis:

Amazon River

Photo: Jessica Freedman

Revelations in the House of God

Why waste a life in wanderlust?
The flow will dry and turn to dust,
To leave bones bleached and blood to rust.

Dig deep down beneath broken banks and Roar!
Wrest roots from ancient comfort and
See them to smoke and cinders.
Divert the centuries!
Splash amidst the shallows,
Dive into the deep!

Do not let the flow take you friend!
Grab it, shake it, see it bend!
Subsume- absorb – ingest
And feel the flow take root in breast.
Abandon all once held repressed
And make flow heed your behest.

I was very taken by the poem when I first heard it at Maryanne’s house. Nolan is her son and he is 21 years old, a student at the University of Puget Sound.

What do you think of this lovely poem? Please share your feelings and thoughts.

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