The Right Kind of Desire


“The desire to make our mark, to do great work, and to create like a god are immodesties that are nothing to fear. Desire and creativity are intimately related, and the most creative person is also the person who longs for it the most and chases after it the most. Do you want to be called an important twenty-first century painter? Good. Do you want to have an intellectual movement named after you? Excellent. The movies we cherish and the breakthrough drugs that save our lives are not created by people whose only desires are to nap and retire early. Our geniuses are also our kings and queens of desire.”

—Eric Maisel from The Creativity Book


Creative Practice, Disciplined Understanding

Just as a yogi must return again and again to the mat or the meditation seat—to directly touch the reality of each moment—the writer must return to the empty page, the sculptor to the clay, the painter to the easel. And through this discipline, both yogi and artist become one with the worlds within and without.

—Anne Cushman, “The Yoga of Creativity


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