Seven Secrets to Stop Interruptions In Meditation

Seven Secrets to Stop Interruptions In Meditation

Most people who hear about meditation either do not take up a meditation practice or abandon the meditation practice because they get interrupted and distracted.
They get interrupted by thoughts, feelings, emotions, plans, images, bodily sensations, dreams, sleep, and many other mental, emotional and physical phenomena and just give up.
This book will guide you in such a way that interruptions and distractions won’t deter you from meditating. You will learn that these are normal occurrences for even the long time practitioners.
This book is designed with you, the reader in mind. I know how difficult it is to not do anything but sit there! I know how the mind can wander from here to there like the flow of a never ending river.
But that’s just the point! We know our minds flit from one thing to another, seemingly without purpose. It happens because we are anxious or worried or fearful or stressed out or overweight or ____. (You fill in the blank!)
With meditation, you can learn to observe the river of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations and other objects of mind and not get carried away. All it takes is practice!
When you train in physical fitness, you know what happens when you start skipping your workouts. The same is true in mental fitness (i. e., meditation). It is important to realized that missing a day or two is not that harmful.
Giving up mental fitness because you feel distracted or interrupted is the wrong way to approach it. You can learn to concentrate and focus on your meditation and deal with distractions.
With all the scientific evidence for the benefits of meditation, it is a wonder that more people aren’t doing it. The scientific evidence points out two interesting findings.
First, people who have never meditated before can produce observable evidence in their brains that the meditation has been beneficial.
Second, these beneficial effects can wear off if the meditation practices are discontinued.
With all this evidence, don’t you think you should be meditating?


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